Rules & Responsibilities

Our rules are pretty straight forward at Cabins Over Crag Lake, but we ask that you please read the following before booking.

The first rule is simple, if you need anything, simply ask. We likely have it or can help out. We’re here to make you stay comfortable an enjoyable.

Checking in: We ask that you check in with us at the house prior to checking-in unless prior arrangements have been made.

All guests must leave their contact info and a valid credit card.

Smoking: Both cabins are non-smoking, if you are found or there is evidence of smoking in the cabin(s) we will charge a $250 cleaning fee plus any damages if applicable. No exceptions.

If you do smoke….No cigarette butts on the ground. If we find cigarette butts on the ground after you leave, you’ll be charged $40 for cleaning. There’s a ash tray (coffee can) next to the steps for smokers.

Dishes: You are expected to clean your own dishes, pots and pans etc as well as leave the kitchen area clean. If not, we will charge you $40 to clean them.

Pets: Pets are welcome fin Cabin #2 only, there is a one time $25 fee. If pets or evidence of pets are found in Cabin #1, there will be a $100 fee.

Garbage: Please do not litter on the property, please use the trash bins in your cabins. If you require your garbage to be emptied, either let us know, or bring it up to our house. If we’re not here, please put it inside the garage so that critters (bears)aren’t attracted to the property.