Not every great comment makes it to Expedia or (sometimes the not so good ones do), so we’d like to share some of the comments people have taken the time to write in our guest book(s). The comments below are the most recent ones from the summer and fall of 2016.

If you read through, you’ll see that we’ve had a couple of guests that weren’t so happy (comments pulled from, not our guest books). We’ve addressed those people (on and here) to the best of our ability, meaning some infrastructure changes – a new well, new (private) fire pit.

Oct. 4, 2016 – (Cabin #2)
Thanks for the cozy stay, we did however enjoy the fantastic views and the nature that surrounds the cabins! Our daughter really enjoyed the animals and the trails! The crew from Hong Kong and Calgary

Sept. 2016 – (Cabins 1 & 2)
PURPLE BUS PEOPLE WILL BE BACK. We loved the view, the campfire, the kitchen! Lots of fun and laughter here!

Purple Bus People, Juneau, Alaska

Sept. 2016 – (Cabin #2)
Nice Cabins, nice views, nice place! Thanks.

Alan and Sally, Jasper, Ontario.

Sept. 26, 2016 – (Cabin #2)
You have given us the opportunity to seek out the most perfect little slice of paradise.

Katrina & Matt, Ontario

Sept. 6-8, 2016 – (Cabin #2)
Loved the well appointed cabins, the warm welcome and help from the family. Imagine lending us their dog ‘Cargo’ for our two hikes in the mountains. Good discussions around the fire pit with the fellow guests.

Jan & Ray, Campbellville, Ontario

Sept. 1-3, 2016 – (Cabin #1)
Thanks you for the perfect accommodation for our vacation! The cabins is perfectly outfitted and extremely comfortable.
Rene & Chris, Rochester, Minnesota

Sept. 3, 3016 – (Cabin #2)
I love this cabin! by far the best of our two week trip! I love the isolation, the quiet, the Magpies and our visits from Rodger (a raven)! Your cabin supplied everything we needed, we really enjoyed our stay!

Bob & Sally, Florida

August 13-25, 2016 – (Cabin #1)
What a wonderful cabin, everything you nee; beautiful view, warm water shower, best stuff and Roger the raven. This was more than we expected, it was really a dream. We’d enjoyed this week and didn’t want to return to Germany.

Mike & Sylvi, Hamburg, Germany

August 11, 2016 – (Cabin #1)
What a fabulous setting for cabins! We really enjoyed our three days here. The cabins are really well stocked with all you need – great place to relax. We walked the Sam McGee Trail and it was fabulous.

John & Andrea, Lincolnshire, UK

August, 10-13, 2016 – (Cabin #2)
It was pleasant to have our aperitif on the deck, at the picnic table, at the fire pit, always in the company of the famous…Roger! We loved the peace and tranquility, the singing of the loons, hiking up the mountain with Cargo, such a nice dog! And of course the incomparable view of the lake and the mountains.

Jean-Yves, Montreal, QC

May 28, 2016 – (Cabin #1)
Idyllic spot, so quiet and peaceful. We loved sitting around the fire pit enjoying the view and relaxing after our days drive. Very comfy cabin and friendly hosts. Thank you.
Elizabeth & John, Somerset, England

…and a couple of reviews with suggestions for improvements:

Wifi only 100 m away from Cabin near owners house. Kitchen is a bit a mess. No lake access. Over all, less then I expected. – Thomas, Switzerland

Thanks Thomas. We’ve played with the idea of wifi or not, we haven’t decided on it for the 2017 season, (If you’re a future guest thinking about booking, tell us what you think). We’ve found that most people appreciate not being “connected” and that they spend more time outside. As for the kitchen, we agree, it could be better in Cabin #2, but to our defence, when we were building the cabins, the building code required that this cabin to be an “office”, hence the layout had to be different as we needed to have the bathroom downstairs.

As for lake access, it’s private property across the road from the cabins, however, within 13 kms, you can be on the shores of Bennett and Nares Lake. Going the other direction there’s Six Mile River, Tagish Lake, Marsh Lake and Windy Arm to the south. We’re literally surrounded by water. The closest lake with easy access is Chootla Lake, which is just 5km towards Carcross – all guests are welcome to borrow our canoe free of charge. – Greg & Krystal

The shower head in cabin #2. Pressure and flow of water wasn’t good. – Elyse, USA

Elyse, we have since installed a well at the cabins in October of 2016 (for those that are curious we drilled 160′). The well comes with a new pump and endless water flow. We anticipate this will make future guests happy.
– Greg & Krystal

No wifi without trekking uphill to deck outside host’s house or invite into his private space. Said some people commend him for lack of wifi, but we have serious things to sort out at home plus travel plans to make. It’s not all about social media. No lake access. Fire pit taken over by next door both nights. Diana, UK

Diana, I believe we addressed wifi with Thomas’s comments (above) and I was happy to invite you into our home so that you could sort out your serious business. As for lake access, again addressed above in the reply to Thomas. As for the fire pit, we’ve heard you and have since made another fire pit on the opposite side of Cabin #2. Future guest will have the opportunity to share a fire pit or to have your own private fire pit. – Greg & Krystal